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>>> concert at Zagreb Youth Theatre, Feb 22, 2021, Zagreb, Croatia
57th Music Panel, Croatian Composers' Society

Selected musicians from Austria, Croatia, France, and the United States have gathered in the Synchronos Ensemble and are determined to move away from what is already known while keeping the listeners interested in the musical present. By presenting opuses in which the authors sound their own questions, but also offer answers to some of the conceptual and compositional-technical challenges, they expand the range of performance techniques and sound possibilities in their performances. This time we listen to them interpreting recent works by authors of the younger generation and two premieres of Croatian authors. Along with the chamber music of the Austrian violist and composer Julia Purgina, Tibor Szirovicza presents his new composition – Synchronicity II, which follows meditation as a technique of “channeling” certain synchronicities which he already began exploring in the eponymous predecessor which was premiered at Music Biennale Zagreb in 2017, thus refreshing his compositional language with a different approach to sound and treatment of instruments. At his request, Marko Slaviček composed Metamórphōsis II, a musical diptych of contrasting movements for ensemble and electronics, which he wrote for this Music Tribune. The program also includes the latest in a series of works by which Sam Salem challenges the conventional notion of a concert performance, and another opportunity to listen to the music of Brigitte Muntendorf, with the Ensemble performing her award-winning composition from 2012 with a suitable title for the end of the festival: Rundumschlag# (eng. All Around).


  • Sam Salem: The Tower, for electric guitar, cello, percussion, performative electronics, audio recording, and video

  • Julia Purgina: Kammermusik IIa, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello, and percussion

  • Marko Slaviček: Metamórphōsis II, for ensemble and elecctronics-premiere

  • Tibor Szirovicza: Synchronicity II, for ensemble-premiere

  • Brigitta Muntendorf: Rundumschlag#, for flute, electric guitar, piano, percussion, violin, and cello

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